Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Review

Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Review


Affiliate Marketing & My Journey

Let me tell you about my journey into affiliate marketing. While researching Wealthy Affiliate Marketing, I stumbled upon a review for Wealthy Affiliate. I must say I was skeptical at first, I had seen many programs offering the world but when you looked closer they all promised a “Get Rich Quick” platform. Now I am not a pessimist by any means, but I know that other than winning the lottery, there is no such thing as get-rich-quick.

A couple things stood out differently with Wealthy Affiliate (W.A.) compared to the many other platforms. First there was no promise of getting rich quick, in fact W.A. spoke of training, learning and working hard. Secondly, you can join for free, and you don’t even need to use a credit card. As it turns out Wealthy Affiliate offers 2 styles of membership; free and premium; and you don’t have to upgrade to premium “ever”. This piqued my interest immediately.

Intrigued – I Registered for a Free Account

I decided I had nothing to lose, I did not need to use my credit card to register so I signed up for a free membership. I was surprised to learn that with this I could study the first 10 lessons of the Online Enterpreneur Certificate and 10 lessons of the Affiliate Bootcamp Training Certificate. These 20 lessons were not abbreviated because I was a free member, but in fact the same training that the premium members enjoy. The training is interesting and informative, with both text and video components that are easily understood. Along with this is an amazing community of people that you can learn and share ideas with. Wealthy Affiliate promotes a strong “Pay-It-Forward” principle in the community, and I have enjoyed this firsthand. When I am not sure of something, I just ask and another member will help me out. But for this to work, I help where ever and when ever I can, and it truly is amazing how fast you bond with each other.

Why I Chose To Upgrade

As a free member I learned so much from both the Online Entrepreneur Certificate’s 10 lessons and the Affiliate Bootcamp Certificate’s 10 lessons, that I decided to upgrade and continue with further, more in depth training. The lessons are built using both text and video which make learning easy. Even though I started out a beginner, I understood, learned and developed with each lesson. Along with the training, there are several other features offered that are more than worth the 49.00/monthly or 359.00/yearly. See the features chart below.

Features of Wealthy Affiliate

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Not A Get Rich Quick Scheme

Something that impressed me right from the beginning with Wealthy Affiliate is both owners Kyle and Carson state it is not a get-rich-quick deal, but instead it takes learning, effort and persistence to earn income. These 3 things do not scare me, but instead encourage me. Get Rich Gimmicks look enticing, who doesn’t want to dream big, but they are sure to fail.  Although working hard at something, learning and improving along the way is sure to bring success, and a more sustainable source of income to your future. Affiliate marketing is not new, in fact the way things have evolved over the years with the internet and the number of users continuing to grown now to an estimated 4,156,932,140 (as per December 2017 stats) users, more and more businesses are promoting and selling to this large audience. As all this growth continues, these business, Amazon, Ebay, and yes Wealthy Affiliate to just name a few rely on you the marketer to promote their business, and for this they pay a commission.

Sky’s The Limit

The sky’s the limit, earning potential is directly proportional to the amount of effort you want to put into promoting products for any number of businesses.  Can you do all this without Wealthy Affiliate?  Yes, but why would you re-invent the wheel. Wealthy affiliate is a community full of exceptional training and experience, one that lays out a step-by-step guide to help you become successful. With Wealthy Affiliates ingredients all you have to add is your motivation and work, then let the earning begin.

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