About Mary

About Mary

Welcome to goldenbabyboomers.com. Come join my journey into Affiliate Marketing, as I make a transition from my career to self-employment and the freedom of working outside the 9 – 5 box. Here I look forward to sharing all I have and will learn along my journey to a new and rewarding self-employed career. I hope you will join me on my journey and together we can build a great path into our futures.

My Story

As a girl born in the Baby Boomer 60s, career choices were basically narrowed into teaching, office administration, homemaking and retail. Guidance counselors did not open doors to exciting non-traditional careers for women, maybe because they also did not know of the new and exciting opportunities in non-traditional careers, that awaited young women like me, were just around the corner.  So I started my career out in an office setting. I knew very early on that this type of work was not for me, but at the same time I did not know of a career that I would find fulfilling.

In 1990, I fell on to an opportunity to return to school and train in a non-traditional trade for women. I chose to become a small engine mechanic. I went on to a rewarding career in lawn and garden service, repairing a multitude of equipment from lawnmowers to lawn tractors. Later I would become a bindery operator/pressman in a print house. I was in my early 30s and felt like I had the world at my hands. While I lavished in the enjoyment of my career and my family, I did not think of my retirement years, they were far in a distance. Young and naive at how fast time passes, I did not financially plan for my future. I did not think about the “what ifs”, I lived in the moment, I think like many do.

By age 54 my daily tasks at work were becoming a real chore, I still loved the work I did, but each day brought a new struggle. Two years later I was diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis throughout my body. As I aged the arthritis progressed and now I am at a point where I no longer can work a full day.

My lack of planning for my future, my lack of ability to do my job, and the fact that I am 8 years too young to receive my pension have all intersected to, “What do I do at this point in my life?”. Working in my current position is quickly becoming impossible, and so with a lot of research I realized that I had the opportunity to become self-employed, earning a living through my hobbies. With the help of Wealthy Affiliate, I am monetizing my websites and blogs, something I love to do and earn money while doing it.

I’m Not The Only One

I don’t believe my story is unique. I think many people get caught up in their day to day living, making ends meet paycheck to paycheck, then wake up one day and realize retirement is right around the corner, and they are not prepared. I also believe that everyone has something they love to do, a special hobby and knowledge that comes with that hobby. With approximately 4,156,932,140 people using the internet, according to the World Internet User Statistics December 2017, an opportunity exists for individuals, like you and myself to share our knowledge (or niche) online and earn income while doing so.

A Journey We Can Travel Together

With approximately 4,156,932,140 people on the internet I feel their is room for anyone to share their niche (knowledge) and make a living while doing it. When I first realized that my chosen career would not be possible until I was old enough to collect the pension I invested in, I panicked. It was at this point after a lot of research that I discovered I could take my hobbies, build a website and share my knowledge with people using the internet, and earn a living while doing it. I wanted to share this information with folks who are at this point in their lives, just like I am. To tell them not to panic, there are ways to stay in the income earning game, when going to their job is no longer feasible, whether because of a disability, a layoff or lack of interest, or simply tired of the 9 – 5 lifestyle.

THE GOAL OF GoldenBabyBoomers

I have designed this site as a journey, one that I am taking myself. The goal of the site is to blog about my virtual journey, to pave a path that others can follow. To learn all there is to learn about Affiliate Marketing and to share, with like-minded people, and have fun along the way.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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